Cinnabon, CP – Handmade treats!!

We live in an era where desserts hold more space in our hearts as well as tummies than the meal itself. Well as divine as waffles and cakes are these days, churros and cinnamon rolls too are not far behind. They too are a thing now! Right? Absolutely!

So we have a fabulous cafe called Cinnabon for all the sweet-tooth’s to satiate their cravings for cinnamon rolls!! This cakery-coffee shop which claims to serve love in every bite was earlier found in the malls of Saket and DLF Mall of India. However,  recently a new branch has opened in the heart of Delhi – CP!!

handmade treats

The interiors of the cafe – you’ll find greenish couches and creamy walls with cute quotes and posters of the new items on the menu. The sitting arrangement in not for huge gatherings. This place is recommended for Coffee Dates as per us!

Well once at cinnabon ordering a bon goes by rule! Apart from that you’ll find a wide variety of cupcakes, brownies, sweet rolls, etc. Many perfect pairings will attract you being economically feasible. You can always club a chocobon with blended cold coffee (Irish, chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, american). It is advisable to order huge buns and rolls and packs of three or five as the small ones are generally not worth the price paid for them.


Many people prefer cinnabon for the famous scrumptious Pretzels but it is sad for us to admit that you won’t find them in Cinnabon, CP. But don’t let your heart sink because if not pretzels, then you’ll find loads of quick bites to munch upon. Bagelwich is something that’ll surely captivate you, be it spinach & corn(if you’re fond off too much spinach) for the vegetarians or peri peri chicken for those who like  non-vegetarian food.












If you’re already late for this cafe then what are you waiting for? Rush quickly!!

Where: Shivaji Stadium Station, Connaught Place

Meal for Two: 600

Timings : 11 am – 11 pm



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