This cute little lush Bakery famous for it’s Cupcakes in the streets of Gwalior is a must go spot for the sweet-tooth in you the next time you visit this city. Lush being close to Gwalior Railway Station, comes in sight of many tourists in their way. The store has a giant pink colored glass door which attracts people the most. The inside of the store never disappoints the customers. The colorful walls and cute little fixtures hanging on the walls will take your heart for sure! Some of the Quotes says ” Life is short, eat desserts first“, “All I need is Love and fabulous cupcakes“.


The dessert stickers all over the walls make this cafe a treat to one’s eyes as well. The counter set up is too cute to handle for a normal individual. There’s a huge Donut pen-stand where highlighters and pens are kept to write short reviews after satiating your hunger.


Every thing they serve are a pleasure eating but you can definitely munch on some amazing chocolate tarts(best recommendation). You can always grab some handy short flavored pop sticks too. I’m sure no can say No to them!

Tip: Perfect Location for Cute Pictures!

Don’t forget to add this place in your list the next time you travel!

Where: Lush, Gwalior (Near Railway Station)

Meal for Two: 400 Approx

Timings: 11 AM to 9 PM



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