the big chill cafe

The Big Chill Cafe – Place we can never get enough of!

The gem of Khan Market – THE BIG CHILL CAFE is surely the perfect place to chill with the perfect people. Be it the Monday blues, the mid-week existential crisis or a happening weekend, this place will welcome you with open arms and a smiling face.

The cafe is located in the expensive streets of khan market and is so in demand that you’ll find two outlets in the same area space. The beauty of this cafe is that you won’t come back dissatisfied once you go to the big chill cafe! Trust me! The orange walls with the framed posters of classic retros will definitely take you to another cool world.

walls of the cafe

The Big Chill Cafe is not just about the ambience but also the food. You’ll find lip-smacking Italian Cuisine which will serve as heaven to your taste-buds. The tempting food will make you over order with zero regrets and obviously the taste will not let you down!!

Few super great can’t wait to gulp dishes are Spaghetti Napoletana which is a form of pasta in red sweet-tangy sauce with sprinkled  herbs and oregano; Fusilli with Mushroom & White Sauce which is spiral pasta dish in creamy – cheese white sauce with mushrooms and parsley along with a multigrain small bread loaf; Chicken Lasagna is the one dish nobody will find better at any other place in the special white sauce Big Chill serves – well that’s a must try recommendation for all you chicken lovers!!

You can add on your platter with something from a wide variety of smoothies, shakes and other beverages but our sure shot piece of shake has always been The Nutella Brownie Shake!!

white sauce pastachicken lasagna








The Big Chill Cafe is also known for it’s cakes and other desserts. Your meal is incomplete if you don’t hog onto their cakery section!! DO you feel the need to pamper yourself? Or craving for something Chocolaty? Yes? The Big Chill Cafe is the right place for you!!

Try the all time favourite Chocolate Truffle Rum Pastry. Once a piece of this beautiful dessert will get into your mouth, you’l forget all the pain in the world. You’ll seriously get lost in some other world. Another superb pastry for Dark Chocolate Lovers is Devil’s Chocolate Pastry – well this one’s too fab for your mouth but not recommended for those who are not a fan of dark chocolates.


devil's chocolate pastry

If you’ve never been to The Big Chill Cafe, then what are you waiting for? All you foodies must Tick this one off your list as soon as possible!!


( many other outlets as well)

Timings: 12 noon to 11:30 PM

Cost for Two: Rs. 1600 (approx)


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